Selection is important

Selecting the right boat trailer is extremely important. The size and shape of the boat requires a trailer where the boat is correctly supported.

In the manufacturing process we design a range of trailers that provide a variety of features to ensure your boat, no matter what size, is cradled correctly and can be unloaded and loaded with ease. We are constantly refining the trailers to suit the developments in boat design and work closely with our dealerships to ensure the correct trailer is matched to the boat.

The Gross Mass Trailer (GTM), total weight of boat and trailer, requires special attention to ensure overloading never occurs and braking requirements under various state authorities are strictly followed.

Trailers are not to be used in non sealed road conditions, Your local dealer can advise you of these requirements to ensure full warranty is secured.

Redco Sportsman

The Redco range of trailers have been manufactured for over 30 years. They are built tough to perform and last, and are constantly upgraded to meet changing boat manufactures specifications and the changing regulations of the state authorities.

Some brands require that the trailer be fully submersed for unloading and loading - not so with the Redco range of trailers, where unloading and loading is effortless thanks to the practical design system of rollers or bilge supports and tilting mechanisms.

The new Redco Sportsman provides state of the art design combined with no-nonsense components to build a trailer that is rugged and user friendly. It offers standard features that other manufacturers call extras. The Redco Sportsman is unquestionably the best value for money boat trailer on the market.

Tinka Classic

The Tinka Classic range of trailers has been manufactured for over 25 years.

They are easily recognized throughout the marine industry as the ultimate in boat trailers, packed with standard features others call options. The Tinka Classic trailer makes transporting your boat easier, safer and more stylish than ever before.

Tinka Classics are built tough to perform and last and are constantly upgraded to meet changing boat manufacturer specifications and the changing regulations of the state authorities. The range now comes with Australia’s first 3 year structural warranty on a boat trailer.

Conical wobble rollers have been developed to help solve the occasional problem of heavy chines and straights catching on regular rollers.

Tinka Classic range is suitable for boats from 4.9 – 8 metres up to a maximum of 4.4 tonne GTM.

Tinka Aluminium


Our range of aluminium boat trailers are made of heavy duty aluminium I- beam using stainless steel fasteners with no weld to crack.

Tinka Aluminium boat trailer range comes with adjustable front bunks and heavy duty aluminium rear bunks to suit a wide range of boat hulls.Our LED lights are fully submersible for hassle free lighting.Stylish alloy mag wheels make checking brakes an easy task.

Independent torsion bar suspension with replaceable stub axles and accu lube grease system makes trailering  more comfortable.

Tinka aluminium boat trailer range is available for boats from 4.5-8.8 metres and for a maximum 4.45 tonne GTM.


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